Freeview is an attractive new service allowing you the freedom to enjoy Digital TV in Trinidad and Tobago without service contracts or monthly bills.

Access a variety of local and international programming through our amazing Freeview channel lineup for a one-time fee of $1,125.00:

Freeview also provides you and your family with unlimited access to the best local and international music and audio programming with amazing digital sound quality.

Enjoy the amazing radio stations you know and love with Freeview.


  • 91.9 FM – The Street
  • Hott – 93.5 FM
  • Boom – 94.1 FM
  • I 95 – 95.5 FM

  • 96.1 FM – WEFM
  • 96.7FM – Red FM
  • 98.1FM – ISAAC
  • Next – 99.1 FM

  • Sweet – 100.1 FM
  • Slam – 100.5 FM
  • Power – 102.1FM
  • 102.7 FM – Jaagriti

  • Vibe CT – 105.1 FM
  • Sangeet – 106.1 FM
  • Aakash Vani – 106.5 FM
  • 107.1 FM – The Word


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Additional Packages (Optional)

Fill your appetite for adult, action, adventure, drama and comedy entertainment.

HBO Pack

HBO West, HBO Caribbean, HBO Family and HBO Plus.

Monthly Package
$61.86 (Vat Inclusive)

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Sports Pass

FightBox, RUSH TV HD and Fast & Fun Box

Monthly Package
$84.36 (Vat Inclusive)

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Fox Movie Pak

Fox Series, Fox Classics, Fox Action,
Fox Cinema, Fox Family, Fox Comedy & Fox Movies

Monthly Package
$73.11 (Vat Inclusive)

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Combo Movie Pak

HBO West, HBO Caribbean, HBO Family and HBO Plus, Fox Series, Fox Classics, Fox Action, Fox Cinema, Fox Family, Fox Comedy & Fox Movies

Monthly Package
$112.49 (Vat Inclusive)

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Lifestyle Pak Plus

Cooking, Travel Channel, Do It Yourself

Monthly Package
$33.74 (Vat Inclusive)

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Adult Packages (Optional)

Looking for continuous adult content? Your search is over.

Ex Pak

This includes Sextreme.

Monthly Package
$61.88 (Vat Inclusive)

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Pent Pak

This includes Penthouse.

Monthly Package
$61.88 (Vat Inclusive)

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Pleasure Pak

This includes Sextreme and Penthouse.

Monthly Package
$111.38 (Vat Inclusive)

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The features of Freeview are far and wide. Freeview is the first service of it’s kind in Trinidad and Tobago. Why wait, when you can receive all these benefits right now.

After signing up for Freeview you receive:

An upgrade of your television to a Digital TV

Amazing Picture & Sound Quality

No Service Contracts

No Monthly Bills

One-time Setup Cost

Our easy to use Electronic Program Guide

Access to local radio stations via your television

The ability to access additional packages, such as HBO channels and Sports packages

Access to many other innovative products we introduce in the future

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Still want more information on Freeview?

View the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive:

What is Freeview?

Freeview is a new free digital television service being offered in Trinidad and Tobago by Green Dot Limited. There is only a onetime fee for your equipment and the content is free so that there is no more subscription and no contract! Digital TV means more channels with better picture and sound. This service is similar to what is currently being offered in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Where can I get Freeview?

Freeview is currently available in Trinidad. This service is offered by Green Dot Limited. Green Dot can be contacted as follows: Address: 40 Bejucal Road, Cunupia. Trinidad Telephone: (868) 224-GDOT (4368) Email:

Is there a difference if I operate as a business?

No there is no difference in cost between a residential acquisition of the service and a commercial acquisition. The one-time only fee per Set-Top-Box remains the same.

What does local radio content mean?

Freeview will be the first local TV provider to offer our customers live local radio content on your television! This means that all your favourite radio stations are available at the click of a button right on your television.

What happens if I have to move from my existing residence?

When you purchase your Freeview equipment and paid your one-time only fee in full, the equipment belongs to you. This means that you can take it anywhere even if you move residences. Just remember contact us either by calling our Call Centre or emailing us to let us know.

Why should I change my system?

There are lots of advantages with having digital TV. These include: Unbeatable quality: Digital TV provides a very high-quality image and sound compared to analog TV Reduced Interference: Freeview means that when you will eliminate ghosting and snowy effects caused by interference. More channels: Freeview is a far more efficient manner of broadcasting. Broadcasters can squeeze more channels into the same space.

Do I need a new Television to get Freeview?

Don’t worry! You do not need to buy a new television to receive the Freeview service. You can connect our Set-Top-Box to your existing TV to receive Green Dot’s Freeview service. This will provide digital content to your TV! It’s important to remember that just hooking up our equipment does not mean that you will get all the benefits of digital TV, such as widescreen picture of high definition picture.

How can I order Freeview?

Online: Click here to Sign Up Now. This will take you through all the steps you need to take to get order your Freeview service. You will be asked to provide some details for your account and will even be able to pay online!

By Phone: Call our call centre at (868) 224-GDOT (4368).

Once you have one of our customer service representatives on the line they can guide you through the ordering process for the Freeview service. You will have to give us some customer details for us to process your order. You will be able to pay via credit card or you can place your order and then come into our office to pay for your equipment.

Visit our Head Office or any of our Service Outlets: You can order the service at our Head Office: 40 Bejucal Road, Cunupia.

I have the Freeview service but I want more channels. Is this possible?

Absolutely. The Freeview service can work with our other packages offered by Green Dot. You can choose from a variety of packages to suit your needs. Contact us for additional packages.

How can I use this service throughout my home?

Of course, however should you need more than one television you will need more than one set of equipment for the service. Contact us for great deals on having multiple boxes in your home.

Will rural areas in Trinidad have the same coverage as cities like Port of Spain and San Fernando?

Freeview does not depend on infrastructure to be installed on overhead lines or in the ground. This means that our coverage reaches most areas not able to be covered by other operators. However, there are limitations to the service that include weather conditions and topography which can block reception.

How does the service work?

Freeview provides free-to-air digital television and digital radio in Trinidad. This service is provided by Green Dot Limited. The Freeview service consists of a digital terrestrial television service which Green Dot has branded Freeview. Freeview provides standard definition digital satellite television service covering most of Trinidad and it uses DVB-T standards on licensed spectrum.

Will there be other features added eventually to the Freeview service?

Freeview will be continually improving its channel lineup, at no extra cost to you. Check the press for details and we will be advertising updates on from time to time.

Can I get Freeview for my business?

Yes. Freeview is available for both residential and business customers. You can email us at or contact our call centre for more information.

What kind of service does Freeview have if something goes wrong?

There is a 24 hour technical support service 7 days a week. For other issues you can email us at any time or visit our Office during the hours of 8.30am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Does Green Dot offer any other services besides Freeview?

Green Dot offers solutions to all your entertainment needs. For both residential and commercial customers, we offer: High Speed Internet Service Digital TV with a regular monthly subscription.

What would I need to do when changes or upgrades are made to the service?

Green Dot will make every effort to ensure changes or upgrades are seamless to you our valued customer. We will be sending an On Screen Message containing simple to follow instructions if we need to upgrade or change your service.

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