Is broadband Internet service the same as high-speed Internet service?

Broadband and high-speed are interchangeable terms used to refer to the power of the Internet connection you are using.

How long does it take to install a home / business connection?

Installation timing varies by the specific service plan you order. After you sign up for service, you will be contacted by our Scheduling Team for your installation date and time.

What's the difference between upstream and downstream speeds?

Information passes between your computer and the Internet in two directions: upstream and downstream. Information that flows upstream is sent from your computer to the Internet, such as sending e-mail attachments or playing two-way games. Information that flows downstream is from the Internet to your computer, such as surfing the Web or downloading files. Please note that broadband service speeds are an estimate.

Is there any firewall on my connection?

YES – there is a basic NAT firewall. For customers that require a non-NAT solution, we can offer both a DMZ and static IP option.

Can I connect more than one computer to the internet?

Yes. This can be achieved by using a device such as a switch.

Is there a particular time I need to call to report any concerns with my service?

Our Customer Service & Technical Support Departments are here twenty four (24) hours each day to assist with any concerns which may arise we are ready and willing to assist you whenever you need us.

Can I upgrade my present connection speed?

Yes. You may contact our Customer Care Department for further information on upgrading.

Can I get my bill via email?

Yes you can, simply provide us with your email address by calling into our customer care department or send a request to us via a private message to our facebook page or to

How does the billing process work?

Your monthly bill will be emailed every month on the same date that your service was installed. For example; If your service was installed on the 10th of July, your monthly bill will be sent to you on the 10th of August and recur on the 10th of every month thereafter. Please note that your monthly invoice will be emailed once an email address is provided to us. You can also receive your billing information via the following options:

  • SMS – you will receive a text message advising of your monthly billing/balance.
  • G-Dot Customer Portal – you must register your Green Dot account to gain access to your information. Use this link to register:
  • Phone – 224-GDOT (4368)
  • Front Office – visit us at 40 Bejucal Road, Cunupia.

What would cause a bill to be generated?

  • Adding of a package (prorated to bill cycle).
  • Removal of a package (credit will be applied for unused days as per bill cycle).
  • Suspension/Disconnection of service.
  • Activation of service (from suspension/installation).
  • Monthly billing per bill cycle.