HGTV – Helping you turn your house into a home!

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HGTV as part of your Digital Cable TV channel lineup with Green Dot helps you turn your house into a home and home into so much more. HGTV delivers a vast array of programmes surrounding topics such as gardening, landscaping, interior decorating, outdoors, house hunting and even income properties.

One popular programme is called Income Property hosted by Scott McGillivray. Here he helps first-time homebuyers turn part of their home into a moneymaker to help with mortgage. In each episode, Scott presents the homeowners with options and they choose which part of the house to renovate into an apartment. They showcase the renovations done and the amazing results thereafter.

If you’ve got Digital Cable TV from Green Dot, catch a new episodes of Income Property on HGTV every Tuesday at 9pm. If you don’t, sign up now and start enjoying Income Property and many other fun, engaging and educational programmes on HGTV.

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  1. Adrian on said:

    Great Channel!