HBO Saturday Night Premier: Let’s Be Cops


Let’s be Cops is a fall of your seat laughing comedy movie which tells the tale of  best pals Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) are stalled in their respective careers — a fact that is painfully driven home when they go to a college reunion. Dressed as police in the mistaken belief that they were to attend a costume party, Ryan and Justin find that the uniforms earn them much respect and attention. Although Justin is uncomfortable with the idea, Ryan decides to continue with the charade, putting them both in increasingly dangerous situations.

It’s the ultimate buddy cop movie except for one thing: they’re not cops. Join us on Saturday, 18th April 2015 as HBO premieres  Let’s Be Cops. Directed by director and screenwriter Luke Greenfield who is best known for directing the 2004 film The Girl Next Door, directing the pilot of the television series Aliens in America and producing the film Role Models. See the epic trailer below.

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