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A Christmas Carol is a British fantasy miniseries based on the 1843 novella of the same name by Charles Dickens. It aired on FX in the United States on 19 December 2019 and is due to air on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 22–24 December 2019. The three-part series is written by Steven Knight with actor Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott among the executive producers.

Filming locations include Rainham Hall in East London and Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick. Cast members include Guy Pearce, Andy Serkis, Stephen Graham, Charlotte Riley, Jason Flemyng, Vinette Robinson and Joe Alwyn.


Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter man, despises his fellow human beings, the Christmas holiday and what it represents. On Christmas Eve night, he is visited by the ghost of his dead partner Jacob Marley, who warns him that in order for both of them to be redeemed Scrooge will be visited by three spirits. Over the course of that night, Scrooge will be confronted by visions from his past, present and future in the hope that these experiences will help him to re-connect with humanity… especially his own.


It was announced in November 2017 that the BBC had commissioned a new telling of the Dickens tale, with Steven Knight writing the three-part series. Knight, Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott would serve as executive producers.

In January 2019, it was reported that Hardy was also to be starring in the series; however, the role he would be playing was not disclosed (with Hardy being cut from the final version). In May, Guy Pearce was revealed to be playing Scrooge, alongside the castings of Andy Serkis, Stephen Graham, Charlotte Riley, Joe Alwyn, Vinette Robinson and Kayvan Novak. Rutger Hauer, who was originally cast as Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, became too sick to film his scenes and was replaced by Jason Flemyng.


Filming on the series commenced by May 2019 at Rainham Hall, a 1729-built National Trust site in the London Borough of Havering. In early June filming took place at the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.

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