Fox Series Premieres: This Is Us season 4 episode 10 sneak peek: Kate opens up to Toby..


This Is Us season 4 episode 10 is the first new episode of 2020, and there’s a lot that Kate and Toby have to work through. The latest sneak peek below is all of the proof of this that you need.

If you look below, you can see that Kate is still feeling hurt over what Toby texted in his CrossFit group-chat about her. She feels like she’s becoming less and less a part of his life, and that what he said in some of those messages is actually what he really feels about her. It’s understandable for her to feel insecure, given that Toby is getting super-involved in something totally new at a time when there is already great change within the family. It’s definitely enough for her to wonder if she and Baby Jack are enough.

Of course, we also think that some of Kate’s past trauma is impacting what she thinks about this. Remember for the moment the fact that we’ve seen flashbacks of Kate’s ex Marc at various points this season already.

After Kate reveals the truth to Toby about what she saw, Toby tries his best to recover, telling Kate that what she saw was just him venting at a moment where he was frustrated. It’s not indicative of what he feels all of the time. He wants to move past this, but it’s clear that Kate is not fully over what she’s dealing with just yet.

There are some other questions to wonder about right now also, including if Kate is going to feel better after meeting some of Toby’s new friends. That is also going to be a part of the upcoming episodes — odds are, these are very different people than who we’ve seen Kate spending time with as of late.

Given some of the clues that are present at the end of the episode, we do have questions as to whether or not this story is going to end anytime soon. Be prepared for more tears and concerns.

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