Wide Area Networking for your Business or Organization.

As companies in Trinidad and Tobago begin to take advantage of managed IT infrastructures, convergence technologies and telecommunications networks, there is an increasing demand for a single, multifunction IP platform that provides seamless information flow regardless of whether a Business has one or many locations. With Green Dot’s reliable wireless IP infrastructure and expertise in IP solutions we continue to deliver cost effective solutions to fit client needs for connectivity and information interchange.

Green Dot’s wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) service provides a secure, reliable and fault tolerant platform from which businesses can enjoy an operating experience that include:

  • High speed information exchange with remote or branch offices located in another building, city or another country.
  • The ability to operate and update mission critical software in real time from distant and remote locations and branch offices.
  • The option for employees to telecommute to the office or work from remote locations with full access to e-mail, databases, files and resources that exist on the local network.
  • Voice and video connectivity with remote locations or branch offices, minimizing telecommunication costs.
  • Facilities to back up and secure critical information at a remote location to avoid loss due to physical disasters.

Benefits of choosing Green Dot

There’s a reason so many businesses have chosen us.

You’ll find out for yourself when you sign up.

Customer Focused

We employ a customer focused approach which ensures we meet the needs of your organization to provide a holistic business solution. Signing up is easy. Sign up through our website, via email or fax. Green Dot courier will visit your business to collect initial payment, upon request.

Service Flexibility and Guarantees

Installation done within 7 Business days. Installation date arranged based on the customer’s schedule. Quality of our service is not affected by network traffic.

No phone lines necessary

Work hassle-free without the worry of interruptions due to cable theft. Use your connection whether or not you have a land line, or while it is in use. Ability to work from home. i.e Reliable connectivity at all times.

Improved Efficiency

Faster connection timeframes, allowing for increased overall staff productivity. Ability to manipulate the bandwidth to suit each business’s individual needs. Reliable connectivity at all times.

Unlimited High Speed Internet

Always on connection allowing for the continuous approach to whatever your needs are; be it online gaming, research, or just fun browsing. Online all the Time.

Premium Customer Support

Our Network is manned and monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you need help you can always reach a real live person. 24 hour Customer Service. 24 hour Tech Support.

Value Added Services

We also provide you with Free Email addresses with up to 6 Gigabits of Email Storage.

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